Enjoy the holiday season with mice

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The holiday season provides many opportunities to spend extra time with your pets. Make sure to include your pets in all of your holiday festivities. 

The holiday season provides many opportunities for spending time with your pets. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another holiday, kick off the season right by planning to include your pets in your holiday events. 

From decorating your house to picking out your Christmas tree to gift giving, it’s easy to include your four legged friend in the holiday season. 

 Pick the Perfect Tree with Your Pet 

If you cut your own Christmas tree each year, you can easily include your pet in the activity. Visit the websites for the local tree farms in your area or call ahead and ask to make sure they allow pets on the farm. Many will, but some won’t, so be sure to call ahead. 

Then, just take your pet to the farm when you go to the get the tree. Your pet is sure to enjoy sniffing around all of the trees at the farm. 

Christmas tree farms host other fun activities as well. Be on the watch for hay rides, live music, and even reindeer – all festivities that you and your pet can enjoy. 

Keep Your Pet in Mind When Decorating Your House 

Decorating one’s home for the holiday season is another time honored tradition. From Christmas trees to menorahs, homes are filled with holiday cheer. Now, pets can be included in holiday decorations as well. 

Stores like JCPenney and LL Bean make it easy to custom make pet stockings for the home. For as low as $15, needle point stockings can be customized with your pet’s name. Ornaments are another fun, customizable decoration for the home. Ornaments can include your pet’s picture or just their name, adding a small touch of your four legged friend to the holiday season. 

Include Your Pet When You Give Gifts 

Gifts are almost always exchanged throughout the holidays. Why not include your pet in the gift giving? From new collars and harnesses to new toys and treats, there are a variety of different gifts you can give your pet during the holiday season. your local pet store is sure to have plenty of items to choose from or check out stores like Petco and Petsmart where holiday themed gifts abound. 

Wrap the gifts for your pet. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is for you and your pet as your four legged friend tugs at the wrapping paper to find out what is inside. 

The holiday season should be a time filled with fun festivities for everyone. Including your pet in your celebrations will make the holidays even more enjoyable.  Let’s talk about kitten now.